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A group of leading biomass companies in Brazil formed the Brazilian Association of Industry Biomass and Renewable Energy or Biomass Thermal Energy Council dedicated to advancing the use of biomass for heat and other thermal energy applications. The founding members of ABIB include biomass fuel producers, appliance manufacturers and distributors, and supply chain companies that represent the breadth of interests in the fast growing biomass thermal energy industry.

Most of the woody biomass-to-energy plants Brazil Biomass use direct-fired system or conventional steam boiler, whereby biomass feedstock is directly burned to produce steam leading to generation of electricity. In a direct-fired system, biomass is fed from the bottom of the boiler and air is supplied at the base. Hot combustion gases are passed through a heat exchanger in which water is boiled to create steam.

The administration of the company shall be held CEO Celso Marcelo de Oliveira Managing Director of International CMO Exports Biomass and Wood Chips and Brazil Biomass and Renewable Energy S.A and President Brazilian Association of Industry Biomass and Renewable Energy.

Briquette Pinus: 26 Industry Brazil - Production Year : 200.000 ton.
Briquette Eucalyptus:10 Industry Brazil-Product. Year:80.000 ton.
Briquette Bagasse Cane:04 Industry Brazil-Prod. Year: 36.000 ton.
Agro-Briquette: 02 Industry Brazil - Production Year : 80.000 ton.

Pellets Eucalyptus:03 Industry Brazil -Production Year:60.000 ton.
Pellets Pinus : 16 Industry Brazil - Production Year : 130.000 ton.
Pellets Bracatinga :01 Industry Brazil-Production Year:48.000 ton.
Pellets Bagasse Cane :01 Industry Brazil-Prod. Year:24.000 ton.

Wood Chips Eucalyptus: Brazil Biomass-Prod. Year: 400.000 ton.
Wood Chips Eucalyptus:28 Industry Brazil-Prod. Year:1.000.000 t
Wood Chips Eucalyptus Energy:19 Industry Prod. Year:900.000 t
Wood Chips Acácia: 02 Industry Brazil-Prod. Year: 600.000 ton.
Wood Chips Pinus: 96 Industry Brazil - Prod. Year: 4.000.000 ton.
Wood Chips Energy: 145 Industry Brazil - Prod. Year:4.000.000

The Brazil Biomass and Renewable Energy mission is to production biomass wood chips and cooperate in the development of projects through sustainable solutions to waste management for a renewable energy and energy efficiency by biomass. Biomass boilers and CHP has a large potential to reduce both cost and CO2 emissions compared to gas and fired units.

Wood chips and other low-grade wood wastes are the major type of biomass fuel. Other common biomass fuel sources are agricultural. Wood-chips are cut according to the sizes ordered by the buyers and they are dishydrated through. Wood residues from pulp and paper manufacturing, lumber mills, and other industrial wood users are frequently used for producing biomass electricity. Hundreds of biomass fuel systems are currently at work in different parts heating schools, government complexes, and entire city downtowns, as well as producing renewable electricity.

Biomass is a renewable fuel that can be sustainably produced. Biomass fuel is a local product. In contrast to coal or petroleum-based fuel, biomass is grown and harvested on local and regional forests and farms. Energy dollars spent on biomass fuel stay in the regional economy, creating jobs and supporting forestry and agriculture. Biomass fuel prices are generally lower and more stable.

Wood Chip is readily available and cheaper than mains gas and oil. Wood Chip is a renewable energy source. Wood Chip combustion is carbon neutral. Wood Fuel heating systems can be fully automated. Wood Fuel heating systems convert 90% of the fuel into usable heat energy. The South has the most dense woodland in Brazil. 75% of all woodland in the South Brazil is privately owned which could lead to alternative revenue sources.

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  1. Dear Sir
    Thank you for your message and we hope fo good cooperation with your company
    I will say that we need so many kinds of differences biomass chips and wood pellets.
    We are very interested buy you goods to our end user-so before send you our detailed requirement.
    Please let me know the total annual capacity of Pine Chips from Brasilia and the USA woodchips in GMT (green metric ton) of your Producers because I connected by very big well-known companies who needs of chips and now I will to sell it to the far east turkiet/china/japan/india as well.
    Also please inform me your chips is for particleboard manufacture, paper pulp production or to use in power stations and what is price on FOB per BDMT and can be it supplied on CIF supply terms.
    First I ask you please first advise me the country of origin of your goods and from which woods is made the goods and if and wood pellets so it is for residential or industrial use –if chips so it is for particleboard manufacture, paper pulp production or to use in power stations and what is price on FOB and CIF EU ??
    Please send me on my e-mail your all offers by full information for your chips and pellets, test of analyse, species and pictures
    With hope for mutually beneficial cooperation with you!
    Thank you in advance for your all efforts
    Yours sincerely,Emil